Virtual Number Service

Are you having a business and looking to avail the service of the virtual number service? If yes then Webwer is here to make your business answer all the calls of customers with IVR ((Interactive Voice Response). With a virtual phone number, it is possible for a business to call within a specified area code. If your business is receiving hundreds of calls every day then it would be better to get a virtual number. This phone number is not fixed to any particular location or device. So, the users can easily route or redirect calls from one number to another number.

Some of the crucial features of virtual number service are:

Real Time Reporting

With this service, our customers can instantly view detailed information about calls that were made to their Toll Free number. Also, businesses will get to know about your customers' calling habits which ultimately help in making a better business decision.

Call Recording

One of the features of our offered virtual number is the call recording. You can easily keep a track record of your calls by recording all the calls. The calls that have been recorded can be downloaded with ease anytime.

Scheduled Forwarding

With our virtual number service, your business can take the advantage of a robust scheduling option. This allows businesses to route their calls based on the working days and hours of the business.

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