what to look for while searching for IVR solution providers in India

This is a competitive business arena where each business needs to provide exceptional customer service without any excuse. This is why, most businesses make use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service for easy and quick interaction with customers. With the abundance of options for IVR services, it can be challenging to find the best IVR solution providers in India.

Let’s check these features and considerations before choosing the best service provider for IVR:

1.    Around-the-clock customer support

No doubt, IVR is a great and effective communication tool that connects customers to the business. One of the important features of IVR is the availability of around-the-clock assistance. Every business needs to be operational 24 hours as it helps in increasing the reach of the customers. This is a digital age so customers can connect with a business anytime depending on their schedules and free time. A business that is available around the clock for communication increases productivity and efficiency.

So, you should look for an IVR service provider that offers IVR with 24-hour support. With this benefit, it becomes easy for the business to stay available even if the working hours are over. Make sure your selected service provider has this feature of 24-hour customer support. In case of any issue with IVR, there should be a team that can handle the issues.

2.    Immediate call routing

It’s a common scenario in business to transfer a customer’s call to the wrong department. This eventually leads to loss of customers which is not good for a business. Thus, there’s a need for a facility of voice recognition that can identify incoming calls and transfer them to the right department.

This feature of IVR service helps is crucial for increasing customer experience and retaining valued customers. Now that you know what features to look for in IVR services, you can find the best and most trusted service provider.

3.    Omnichannel capabilities

If you’re searching for the best IVR service provider in India then you must look for a feature of omnichannel routing. Today, most of the customers expect communication through different platforms. As this is a digital age, customers are available on numerous platforms and also want to communicate to the business through these channels. They want to make use of phone, chat, email and text messages to connect with the business and get their queries solved.

Hence, it is crucial to choose a service provider that is capable of assisting customers via different channels. Make sure to look for the feature of omnichannel capabilities before hiring the services for your business.

To retain the business value and customers, the service IVR system must be having the feature of an omnichannel routing option. This enables bigger companies and businesses to remain competitive in their respective industries.

In simple words, you need to consider an IVR service that supports multiple communication channels. Be it chat, SMS, email, or call, all these ways of communication should be available with the IVR service.

4.    Integration features of the IVR service

Another requirement for IVR services is the integration abilities and features. There’s a long list of tools that are specially designed for business efficiency and growth. You should choose a service provider that offers the flexibility of integration of IVR service with other tools.

Some of the tools that require integration are CRM, helpdesk applications, and so on. IVR linkage with these tools helps businesses in connecting with customers and performing various tasks simultaneously. The integration of IVR service with other tools is good for increasing the cohesive customer experience and effective data management.

5.    Scheduled callbacks for customers

IVR solution providers in India also provide a feature of schedule callbacks which is effective for businesses. This is why, one needs to understand that this feature needs to be in the IVR system. If you’re in talks with a service provider that doesn’t have this feature, don’t finalize them.

This is a fast-paced digital life so there will be a need for a cloud call center. You just need to ensure that your selected service provider offers this callback facility to you. If a business can schedule a call back from a company, then this will be beneficial and convenient for customers.

With this, there will also be a reduction in the number of calls to the company which ultimately decreases the burden of the agents. But the schedule call back feature is a great feature for both, customers as well as agents. If you want your business to satisfy both customers and agents then ask your service provider about this facility.

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