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Click to call is a type of digital communication that allows a person to click a button to be connected with another person in real time. This calling is done without actually dialing the number. With Webwers click-to-call service, businesses of any size can integrate this API to start a click-to-call service for their customer support teams. The click to call is an option that is available on the website through which a customer can quickly click on it to get in touch with the company’s customer executive or agent immediately. In nutshell, this is an option for the customers to make a call to the business through the company’s website or app.

How our click to call solution works?

Whenever any customer clicks on the button “Click to Call” from the website or app, they will be redirected to the company’s phone number. This way, our API System makes a call to the company’s agent first. Webwers offer a feasible, affordable, and end-to-end encrypted calling solution to smoothen any business’s communication process.

Advantages of our offered click-to-call service

Quick Response Time

Customers can make a call instantly to talk to the company’s agent

Improved Sales Conversion

When customers want to ask any query related to the service or products, they want a quick solution. For this, click to call solution is the best option to get connected with the agents in a few seconds.

Real time Reporting

With our service, you can get precise and real-time analytics and report via the recording of all the calls.

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