best whatsapp api provider factors to consider while choosing them

No doubt, WhatsApp Business API offers a wide range of possibilities for brands. With this, businesses can communicate with customers and provide them with a better customer experience. However, you need to choose the Best WhatsApp API provider that can offer you the best solutions. Confused about how to find a reliable service provider for business API? Here is the guide that will let us know many crucial aspects:

Understanding WhatsApp API

Before we start about factors to consider for choosing a service provider, we must know what exactly Whastapp API is.

Well, this is mainly a technology through which you’ll be able to run your business on WhatsApp. It also allows the customers to connect with businesses directly in case of any issues or queries related to products/services.

Well, one thing to consider is that the main reason to use API is to enable developers for building various tools. All the tools and applications should work with WhatsApp businesses. The application programming interface lets the developers integrate the business’s products with WhatsApp. In addition to this, WhatsApp API also helps users to make payments or send messages via WhatsApp.

Today, businesses like retail, insurance, and so on are using WhatsApp Business API. The API lets businesses connect with their customers through the Whatsapp platform and chat with them to generate leads.

Know the benefits of using WhatsApp Business API

Sends secure messaging

If you’re using WhatsApp business API, you don’t have to worry about security and privacy. In this technology, WhatsApp is linked directly to phone numbers so there won’t be any issue of privacy theft. Also, this platform is secure because of its end-to-end encryption feature.

Improves conversational commerce

Through WhatsApp business API, its easy to make conversational messaging. This is mainly done by integrating business APIs with conversational commerce.

Enables quick two-way communication

If we are talking about the benefits of WhatsApp business API, we cannot forget about 2-way communication. This is surely a great channel for sending notifications and alerts to customers. Apart from this, API also enables businesses and customers to interact with each other to know about products and services.

Factors to consider when looking for the Best WhatsApp API provider

1.    Automated replies and responses

Finding the best API service provider for WhatsApp businesses can be challenging at times. This is because of the availability of various technology partners available in the market. So, one must look at the feature of automated response to make your selection decision.

Today, most businesses have provided a communication platform to customers by introducing WhatsApp chat options. Whatsapp is one of the crucial platforms on which customers expect instant answers and responses from businesses. But, any delay in this chat system can disappoint customers. So, businesses want to incorporate the feature of automated response in the business API.

If there’s any downtime in WhatsApp, an automated response can be sent to the customers. One of the good things is that businesses don’t need to invest in the set-up.

You must look for a service provider that can build predefined menu options for WhatsApp business. So, you’ll get help to automate business processes.

2.    Better integration options

While choosing a reliable Whatsapp business API provider in India, you need to focus on this factor also. Always look for a service provider with that a wide range of integration options from API.

Some of these integration options include Web-based GUI. This integration of APIs with your business live systems helps it to grow and be efficient in communication. Make sure your selected service provider can integrate API with marketing and CRM tools.

3.    24/7 monitoring and assistance

Another factor that helps in knowing about the best business API service provider is the around-the-clock monitoring. The technology partner that you’re choosing should be able to track and troubleshoot around the clock. There can be different issues and downtime problems that interrupt WhatsApp communication.

If you’re choosing any new or inexperienced service provider, you might witness some issues in the future. So, look for a provider that works around the clock for monitoring and tracking.

4.    Quality Rating

Let’s have a look at another factor that you should keep in consideration while choosing the Best WhatsApp API provider.

There is a need for a feature that monitors WhatsApp and blocks and reports spam on your business number. Whenever someone tries to send spam or wrong details to the customers, they can easily report this issue. Because of the reports and scams, WhatsApp will be able to prepare number quality ratings. This is why, businesses are expected to choose a service provider that can offer this feature of quality rating of the numbers.

Whatsapp API integration with Webwers

Webwers is one of the noted partners of WhatsApp that provides an effective of messaging and communicating with customers. If you’re looking for an API service provider for your business integration then consider Webwers as your technology partner.


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