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There’s new customer support service that many businesses are using is the chatbot. It uses AI and machine learning for assisting customers and providing an answer to basic customer questions. Any query related product or service of the businesses can be answered by the chatbot. In addition to this, chatbots also offer various features for customers to receive automated notifications when they chat with chatbots. Are you looking for these automated notifications for chatbot support? If yes then you have come to the right place. Webwers help businesses to amplify their reach with messaging on modern channels such as chatbots. Engage your clients through our chatbot notification service with our service and get a larger audience.

With this service, a message will appear when a user is there on your website. Along with this, a chatbot can deliver the notification directly to any messenger app in case the chatbot is configured there.

• Some of the crucial features of chatbot notifications are:

• Helps to capture leads from the messenger app

• Notifies your customers about the brand, product, and services

• It triggers notifications based on any criteria you want

• Helps to set up different notifications

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